Active Plumbing Solutions is a leading brand striving on giving viable solutions, as well as excellent customer service based on the belief that we are your plumbers Plumber! Who does he call when he has a problem? We are a full service plumbing company servicing both commercial and residential applications. Call us for the right SOLUTION today!  Our services range from but not limited to...

installation, repair or replacement :

• Kitchen Sinks • Bathroom Sinks • Toilets • Power Flush Toilets • Tubs • Showers • Water Heaters• Faucets • Gas Lines • Washer (laundry) • Dishwasher • Garbage Disposal • Drain Pipes • Water Line/Pipes • Sump Pump • Backflow Protection • Tankless Hot Water Heaters • Septic Systems • Leak location • Pro press for minimizing down time

drain cleaning and sewers :

• Hydrojetting • Main Line • Clogged Drains • Toilets • Septic Tanks • Floor Drains • Clear Lines (snaking) • Grease Traps

Drain and Sewer Maintenance, Repair and Care :

• Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement • Trap Cleaning and/or Removal • Video inspection •  Mapping of lines